Research Administration

The Curry School's Office of Research Administration assists faculty and graduate students with the development and submission of grant proposals for internal and external sponsorship of projects. We also work with Curry School staff engaged in the day-to-day administration of funded projects to ensure compliance with University, state, federal and sponsor guidelines and regulations. Our goal is to help you write the best possible proposal and, if a grant is awarded, to assist you in managing it efficiently and effectively.

Your first step is to develop an idea for a research project that you believe worthy of funding. You can do this on your own, with colleagues at Curry, other University of Virginia schools, or other institutions. If you decide to move forward with developing a proposal, you should inform your Department Chair or Center Director and consult with her/him about such matters as the potential need for space, other departmental support, or course release (i.e., buy-out) from teaching.

After consulting with your Chair or Director, schedule time to meet with Curry's Research Administrator. The Curry Office of Research Administration helps with over 125 proposals every year and we have a wealth of experience in communicating with sponsors from numerous federal and state agencies and private foundations. Please consider us as collaborative partners in preparing your proposal and managing your grant. We can help you in many ways including: formulating your budget, understanding and meeting administrative requirements that apply to your proposal, and obtaining internal approvals.

Your Pre-Award contact is Catherine Thompson. Please contact her for any of the following:

  1. New proposals and contracts, including budget development;
  2. Resubmissions and renewals;
  3. Initial at-risk account set-up;
  4. Subawards (new at time of initial account set-up);
  5. Data Use Agreements, MOUs, material transfer agreements, etc.;
  6. Rebudgeting;
  7. PI exception requests;
  8. Progress reports and continuations;
  9. Notarial services.

Your Post-Award contact is Danielle Richardson. Please contact her for any of the following:

  1. Post-award financial management issues;
  2. Faculty funding reports;
  3. Carryover outside of IES progress reports;
  4. No-cost extensions/at-risk account extensions;
  5. Labor Distribution issues/oversight;
  6. Subawards (extensions of current ones and new ones if needed after the project has started);
  7. Oversight of effort reporting;
  8. Facilitation of audits.

If what you need is not listed, feel free to contact either person and they will direct you.

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