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生物: Tom Kane is an economist and Walter H. GaleProfessor of Education at Harvard. He directed the Measures of EffectiveTeaching project for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-- the largeststudy of classroom practice ever undertaken.  He has studied the design ofschool accountability systems, charter schools, teacher effectiveness,financial aid for college, race-conscious college admissions and the earningsimpacts of community colleges.  Along with colleagues from Harvard andDartmouth, Kane will be working with a set of districts from rural New York andOhio on strategies for lowering student absenteeism and increasing collegeenrollment.  From 1995 to 1996, Kane served with President Clinton'sCouncil of Economic Advisers.  Kane has also been a faculty member atHarvard’s Kennedy School and at UCLA and has held fellowships at the BrookingsInstitution and the Hoover Institution.